How to cook Tofu and Kangkong in Oyster Sauce (Water Spinach)?

Tofu is one of the best options to replace meat. Another easy yet delicious recipe.

Here's the ingredients:

1. Tofu, sliced into bite-sized pieces

2. Kangkong or water spinach, separate leaves and stalk cut into 2 inch length pieces

3. Garlic, minced

4. Onion, chopped

5. 1 pack of Oyster saucea

6. 3 tablespoons soy sauce

7. Water

8. Cooking oil

9. Ground black pepper to taste

10. Salt/fish sauce, if necessary


Deep fry the tofu and set aside

On a separate pan, saute garlic and onion until the garlic turns golden brown and the onion softens

Add the fried tofu and kangkong stalk

Add soy sauce, oyster sauce and water (start with 1/4 cup)

Let it simmer for 5 minutes

Add kangkong leaves and let it simmer for 2 minutes

Add ground black pepper to taste and salt, if needed