How to cook chicken adobo?

Chicken Adobo
globe Country: Philippinesbooks Difficulty: Easytime Cooking time: 1 hourweight Calories: 330 per serving

Did you know that one of the famous Filipino all-time favorite dish is adobo?

book Fun facts about Adobo:

star Filipinos have a long list of adobo version

star Adobo will last for a week, the longer the better! Just make sure that you put them in the fridge.

star Adobo is not limited to chicken or pork. Some combine chicken and pork! Wow!

star Veggie adobo? Yes! String beans adobo and adobong kangkong, you can add tofu too!

star Sweet adobo? Yes! Just add brown or white sugar

star If you love lots of adobo sauce, you can add more water and soy sauce!

star You can never go wrong with adobo!

Today, I will share how to make chicken adobo --- my everyday version.

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